Taruwa is a Herbs, Spices and Beverage Company focused on specialty products that are healthy, organic and fundamentally consumer centric.

Created in 1878 in Nigeria by Agnes Suleiman, Taruwa was carried on in her family through 3 generations of women until passed down to a son: Symon Adeji. Inspired to bring to world the health benefits from these unique Nigerian Herbs and Spices, Symon decided to travel across The Atlantic to share his family heritage with health conscious consumers in America.  On February 27 2018 Taruwa marks 140 years since the creation of the Spice and beverage company with all the recipes for the beverages. As a son carrying on this legacy, Symon’s goal is to bring to life the vision and aspirations of these extraordinary women “ I want to accomplish this while my mum is still alive. I’m deeply honored to be her son and grateful to take on transforming a family heritage into legacy beyond Nigeria”. 

The family tradition beverage Ginger and Hibiscus drink was served as a welcome beverage for guests who came to buy the various herbs and spices from my great grand mom, sometimes traveling all the way from Europe. Moringa, ginger and hibiscus in their most organic state--some of the most amazing herbs and spices for health and wellness -  create exquisite blends from which we created our unique beverages enriched with herbs and spices healing properties.

The fun doesn’t stop here.. In a contradiction spirit, these all natural blends also make delicious cocktails when mixed with alcohol. Symon’s childhood was filled with memories of his mom brewing health cocktails for his family’s nourishment, but it was only until he moved overseas that he realized how much this act of love bettered his day-to-day life. He missed it so much that when he finally returned home for the first time after 5 years abroad, getting the recipe from his mom was the first item on his agenda. His mom pulled out her stash of recipes and found the original recipe card from over 100 years ago that had a scribbled note to “only add organic liquor...” At the sight of this, they started laughing out loud because, contrary to her note, one of Symon’s mother favorite additions was a particular alcohol called palm wine.

“Sampling every single batch before bottling reminds me constantly of the legacy set 140 years ago, proudly family owned and operated company. It is our desire to share the goal, passion and aspiration of a handcrafted beverage with the world.”

- Symon Adeji